Another Attack Is Being Investigated After Train Guard From Keighley Was Attacked


British Transport Police are investigating another attack on a train guard from Keighley

This latest incident took place on a train between Keighley and Crossflatts, the next station down the line towards Shipley, when the guard asked to see a passengers ticket

The passenger claimed he’d torn his ticket up, and then became aggressive after the guard said he would need to leave the train at Crossflatts

The man suspected of carrying out the attack, during which he spat at the guard twice, was caught on CCTV, which police have now published in a bid to identify him

They’ve also managed to gather DNA for analysis which should help the enquiry, but they’re very keen to speak to anyone who thinks they may know the suspect

The incident took place at around ten to three on the afternoon of Monday, 25 January – you can see the picture taken from CCTV on Drystone Radio News’ Facebook Page