National Newspaper Gets It Wrong On The Intentions Of Keighley MP Kris Hopkins


A top national newspaper has got it wrong when stating the intentions of one of our local MPs regarding the European referendum

The Spectator says that Keighley MP Kris Hopkins wants out, joining the ranks of heavyweights like Iain Duncan-Smith and Boris Johnson

In fact Hopkins has stated that “Although I was never in favour of joining the Euro, I have always recognised the significant economic benefits our country gains as a result of our EU membership”

Skipton and Ripon MP Julian Smith is also standing by his leader and will also be voting to remain in the EU

Andrew Stephenson, the MP for Pendle has not so far issued a public statement, but he is noted for toeing the party line and is expected to vote to stay in

Just down the road in Ribble Valley though, his colleague, the former deputy speaker Nigel Evans has joined the out group

Drystone Radio news will be heading for the European Parliament to put questions to our local MEPs before the referendum

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