Swiss Company Habasit Are Leaving Silsden


A company that claims to be the worldwide number one in its field has just added to local fears that Silsden is becoming a dormitory town.
Habasit, who claim to be the world’s number one industrial belt manufacturer, has confirmed fears that it’s to relocate its Silsden factory to Elland, near Halifax.
There’s the potential for the loss of around 80 jobs in the local market, but coupled with proposals to build yet more houses there are fears the local infrastructure simply won’t cope.
It’s understood some of Habasit’s employees will migrate to Elland, but that won’t mitigate the loss of jobs actually based in the town.
The company is Swiss-owned, and was formed in 1946 – its product range is now massive, with the company employing well over three and a half thousand around the globe.
Habasit also has a facility down the valley in Bingley.